We offer You all the equipment you need in a modern factory producing fasteners. With our experience and many years of cooperation with our suppliers, we can assure You that our machines meet the highest requirements of production .In our offer we have 1 die 2 blow press and multi station pres  producing by Jern Yao , which can be equipped with feeders connecting them to the thread rolling machines . Depending on customer needs we equip our press, in  force monitor from Schwer&Kopka  that protect the machine and tools from damage. We offer both flat die rolling machine producing by Charng Guey and cylindrycal rolling machine by Govama .In the case of a inspection machine  We offer Accuvision.



We are supplier of all kinds of tools  for cold forging and hot forging . With our experience we chose the suppliers we work with for many years and they in return for our loyalty provide the highest quality tools. It sets us apart from other suppliers is that our contractors constantly improve the production process and invent increasingly more perfect coating of tools. These factors undoubtedly influence for increased viability of of our toolsand the hand in hand with timely delivery makes us trustworthy partners.

One of the latest coatings is  WPC. Can be applied not only for tools but also for individual machine parts. In this way we reduce their consumption and consequently we reduce production costs.

As a supplier, we offer our customers the tools made by worldwide patents: MATHREAD® LicensedUni-ScrewConti ScrewRobertson Screw Mold, etc.

Our offer includes not only ready-made tools such as: dies, ejectors , thread rolling dies , punches, trimming dies, cut off knives,   housings  we also offer semi-finished products in the form of carbide blanks and machine parts made according to customer’s drawing.

Jeing Beeing


Papadelta has over 35 years of experience in all areas of cold forming of fasteners and special parts. We are present with you to schedule a new factory, equipped it with all necessary equipment including those supporting productions (feeders) and ending on design tools.

    Thanks to the great experience we have gained over the years of production, we are able to offer our clients:

  • Help in the selection of appropriate machinery for the production of a particular detail
  • Design of appropriate tools
  • Covering tools special coatings that increase lifespan
  • Layout of the machines in the factory
  • Selection of a suitable material for the
  • Proper coolants
  • Implementation of appropriate production techniques for a particular detail
  • Help in solving production problems
  • To help solve quality problems
  • Help in reaching customers on European markets and beyond